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"Chris Eastburn's score for the Providence String Quartet was one of the most successful new musical works for dance I've heard in ages." 
--Debra Cash, dance critic for National Public Radio's Here and Now

"Christopher Eastburn's orchestration of STARS SONGS FACES is a true thing of beauty.  It brought tears to the eyes of a packed Carnegie Hall audience."
--Nick Page, composer and conductor

"There is always a highlight to each of our trips east - and Chris Eastburn was this years!  The best meal, the best sensations, the best art we saw - was Chris conducting his Sommer inspired compositions!!  It definitely will live on in my minds-eye and remain on my short list of experiences I'll never forget as long as my brain cells are still firing!!"
 --Naomi Lyons, Trustee, Frederick & Frances Sommer Foundation

"Chris Eastburn has a genuine talent, and I like what he does with it. His music is from the soul and will touch yours"
--Joe Renzetti, Academy Award Winning Composer